My journey; From vision to mission

My passion will become true (Image:- website)

“Becoming a popular person doesn’t make any difference in my life unless I don’t do any good to the society”. I have established this mentality from my childhood.

Whatever I do and become should be for the betterment of the society. My first inspiration as a child was catholic priests who were doing social work in the society. Now I am a first year Digital Journalism student at Loyola College and I want to make use of this opportunity of becoming a journalist for a better purpose. In this society there are very many people who are oppressed, segregated and prevented from their rights and laws, rendering my full fledged service to them will do justice to my ambition.

‘Education is the movement from darkness to light’, said Allen Bloom. Education can change the world and make people think. Preventing them from education enables the authority to harm society and enjoy their lives. When a person is educated he/she learns about the world, becoming aware of the rights and regulations that govern them. As far as the illiteracy lasts, people remain in the cage of the oppressors.

When I was doing Advanced Level studies in Mannar, I had an opportunity to go for a field trip to a remote village. There was a fishing fork, consisting of twenty families. The small community had a pond nearby. In the morning they go for fishing, in the evening they work in their garden and paddy field. They live in that small world. Some local dealers come and buy fish and vegetables from them at a very low price.

There are government laws to govern them but most of the time people are not aware of those governing laws. No NGOs or government organizations come to their aid.Therefore, My life should bring something good to them. The words of a writer can bring huge change in the society. I want to bring light to those people’s life through my words. I may not be able to educate all of them but my writing could do justice to them.

I will do research about those small communities in the country, certainly there are many in the country. On the other hand there are laws and allocations for them, since they are not educated, people think there is nothing to protect them, and whatever the authorities say they should listen. We might have seen this movie called Sarkar acted by Vijay. That movie says, if someone has voted in your name instead of you, according to the Indian law he/she can launch a complaint in the court and vote again in his/her name. Many of us do not know about this law until we watch the movie.

My aim is to find out these kinds of people governing laws. When a community is cheated on a certain issue, I will write about it in a public forum and let the world know about those injustices

I am a Sri Lankan national. Now I am persuing Digital Journalism course at Loyola College Chennai.